Regents Scholarship Program

As one of the nation’s best establishments of higher learning, UC Santa Barbara manages Regents Scholars

numerous scholarly and pre-proficient encounters, to guarantee they achieve their full learned and

vocation potential.

Scholastic Advising for Regents Scholars

Scholastic exhorting for Regents Scholars starts with UC Santa Barbara’s Summer Orientation Program, in

which staff set you up to enlist for a full heap of coursework fitting for your first quarter at the

college. Prompting proceeds in your school and significant offices, where you will counsel with

expert staff in regards to courses and instructive open doors in your field.

All Regents Scholars take an interest in the distinctions program of their College and approach personnel

counselors. Particular scholastic instructing is only one with respect to numerous advantages you will get as a Regents

Researcher at UC Santa Barbara. Go along with us in grasping the various scholarly open doors that UC

Santa Clause Barbara manages its top understudy researchers.

The Selection Process

The Regents Scholars determination board of trustees leads a complete survey of the first year recruit candidate

pool to decide the understudy’s quality and expansiveness of scholastic arrangement. Determination depends on a

intensive survey of the confirmations application, including, however not restricted to test scores and grades. To

be qualified for the Regents Scholarship, you should be a U.S. native, changeless inhabitant, or a non-native

understudy qualifying under California Assembly Bills 130 or 131 with exceptional scholastic capabilities.

Just understudies who fall under these classes are qualified for the Regents Scholarship.

All green beans conceded for the fall quarter at UCSB are considered for the Regents Scholarship, in light of

their UC Application for Admission. No extra data is required. UCSB commonly offers the

grant to understudies inside the best two percent of conceded rookies. Understudies are told by U.S.

Mail toward the beginning of March on the off chance that they have been chosen.

Choices of the Regents Scholarship Committee are conclusive. Advances are not acknowledged.

Why Choose UCSB?

• UCSB is one of just 62 examine foundations chose for enrollment in the lofty Association of

American Universities.

• The 1,163 UCSB employees incorporate six late Nobel Prize victors, beneficiaries of the National

Award of Science and individuals from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the National

Institute of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering.

• U.S. News and World Report’s guide, “America’s Best Colleges,” the most broadly perused school control in

the nation, positions UCSB Number 5 among every single state funded college in the country.

Program Benefits

Notwithstanding the fiscal honor, Regents Scholars can exploit a few advantages:

• Priority enrollment starting winter quarter of the principal year.

• Guaranteed lodging in the college habitation lobbies for the main year, ensured lodging in

either the college living arrangement lobbies or condos for resulting years, and need

thought for favored structure and room type for the term of the Regents Scholarship.

(Lodging application due dates and class level qualification must be met.)

• Enrollment in school praises programs.

• Extended acquiring benefits at UC Santa Barbara’s Davidson Library to oblige

research needs.

• Membership in UCSB’s Regents Scholars Association (RSA), showing open doors for

initiative, cooperation with personnel, and scholastic and social projects.

Keeping up Scholarship Eligibility


To stay qualified for their grant, Regents Scholars are required to keep up both a quarterly and

combined GPA of 3.20. Should the combined GPA dip under 3.20, understudies are typically permitted

two quarters to raise their GPA above 3.20 in the event that it is the primary event. So also, should the quarterly GPA

fall underneath 3.20, understudies are commonly enabled one quarter to raise their quarterly GPA above 3.20 for the

first or second event. Outstanding circumstances will be inspected by a workforce advisory group.

In instances of checked improvement, understudies might be given, at the circumspection of a personnel survey

panel, an extra quarter to make up any shortages. Understudies who lose their grant may

request to have it reestablished.


Necessities: A full-time unit heap of at least 12 units for each quarter, or 36 units for every year, is required for the

Officials Scholarship. The 12-unit necessity applies to summer quarters during which the understudy

gets grant subsidizing. Cautioning letters are sent to understudies whose finish of-quarter units fall underneath

  1. Understudy records will be checked toward the finish of each spring quarter. Understudies whose units fall beneath

36 units for the scholastic year will lose their grant. This approach is liable to request, and could result

in decreased honor sum. A staff board of trustees will survey bids and settle on ultimate choices with respect to

the understudy’s grant status.

Diminished Awards: Student records will be checked by PC on the evaluation date (15 days into the

quarter) for selected unit loads. Understudies whose heaps are from 9-12 units will get just 75% of their

grant, and understudies whose heaps are from 6-8 units will get just half of their honor. Understudies whose

burdens are beneath 6 units won’t get any bit of their grant for that quarter.

Diminished Awards – Special Cases: Students who have an endorsed appeal for a shortage load and

diminished instructive expense from their College will get half of their honor.

Use and Disbursement of Scholarship Funds

The Regents Scholarship is a $6,000 yearly honor for as long as four years or until graduation (whichever

starts things out), with a greatest measure of $24,000. Grant assets are dispensed equally over the three

quarters (fall, winter, and spring) of every scholastic year, giving $2,000 per quarter.Financial backing is accessible upon solicitation for Regents Scholars who take a full burden throughout a mid year

session or the Freshman Summer Start Program (FSSP), gave that the complete number of subsidized

quarters (or sessions) does not surpass 12 quarters. In the event that assets are utilized for FSSP, the earned GPA from the

program is held to a similar standard as refered to above (See Maintaining Scholarship Eligibility: GPA). To

solicitation to utilize a quarter’s qualification during summer, an email ought to be sent to the Regents Scholars

Monetary Aid Advisor, posting what summer courses will be taken to set aside a few minutes load. Solicitations

must be made preceding the due date set for the installment of summer session charges. Assets won’t be

dispensed retroactively for classes effectively taken in a past summer session or FSSP.

A few Regents Scholars graduate in under four years. One quarter of qualification is utilized for each

quarter of participation and for summer session participation, whenever mentioned previously (see above). In the event that you

figure you may graduate early and plan to take classes in the late spring, you ought to think about whether

you need to utilize your Regents Scholarship to store full-time summer session participation. Researchers who

graduate early and don’t debilitate their full qualification of 12 quarters won’t get the grant reserves

reserved for any future quarters.

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